Build your
without coding

Bootstrap an educational-business using a single platform without losing time ​​tying together and managing different apps.

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A block-editor for educators

By combining different blocks specifically tailored for education, you design and sell virtually any type of learning experience without coding

All-in-one platform for solo-educators to start and scale their educational-business.


DIY in one single place. No need for coding or tying different apps.

Integrated payment

Monetization without the hassle of integrating a third party payment processor.

Save time

AI-Bots help you save time avoiding repetitive tasks such as grading and correcting  assignments or summarizing content

Kderno is allowing me to become a solo-education entrepreneur in my own terms. This is the dream of every independent educator: create their one-teacher digital school and make a living out of it.
Foto Eduardo Valladares
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Build your educational-business

from end-to-end in one single place

Your methodology,
your rules

Full personalization

Give life to your methodology on your terms and stand out from competitors.

Possibilidades de pesonalização de cor, logo e diversos outros, dentro do Kderno.

Flexible and easy

Create an unique learning experience. Drag and drop the blocks. Use videos, quizzes, to-do list, Kanban, feedback forms, etc.

Inserindo novo bloco de informação no Kderno.

and manage

Integrated payment system

No need for integrating a third party payment processor to monetize your knowledge.

Produtor de conteúdo gerenciando os valor recebidos com a ferramenta de Apoio, dentro do Kdenro.

Optimize conversion

Integrated payment processing system saves you time and money selling your content.

Checkout e sistema de pagamento completo dentro do Kderno.

Keep track of your data

Understand how your course is performing with real-time data reports on your student activities and payments.

Dashboard do Kderno exibindo resultados de acessos e vendas de cursos.

repetitive tasks

Automatic assignments correction

AI-Bots help you avoiding repetitive tasks such as correcting and grading assignments while your students benefit from real-time feedbacks on their performances.

Ferramenta de correção de exercícios do Kderno, por aúdio e imagem.

Going live

Save time automating live streaming with our Zoom integration.

Ferramente de Webinar inegrada ao Zoom, dentro do Kderno.

Interact at scale with students

Give feedback on student´s assignments using text or audio.

Criador de conteúdo lendo feedbacks recebidos por seus alunos no Kderno.

Educator Stories

How Kderno has been helping educators build their educational-business
Switching from Notion to Kderno was the best decision I´ve made. Now I can easily create and sell my digital products without worrying about integrations, payments and all the hassle I had before. Not to mention the amazing customer support.
Emanuel Bagerakis
Ux Designer instructor
Kderno saves me 10 hours each week. It makes ultra fast for me to give audio feedbacks to my students on their essays and written exercises.
Maurício Costa
Language teacher, diplomat and filmmaker
We have already used several platforms like Teachable, Moodle, etc but it was Kderno that definitely solved our problems. I strongly recommend it for educators.
Tanguy Baghdadi
Teacher, Podcaster and columnists at Globo News

Our latest integrations

Broadcast your Zoom webinars directly in Kderno
Promote your course via email and more.
Automate your business with simple and fast integrations.
Rocket chat
Bring your community of students together to collaborate in channels.
Upload videos directly in Kderno.

API Pluggable

If you are an organization or a developer, we can plug our APIs for an even more powerful and scalabe learning / teaching experience.
API Pluggable
Clean data output